Tudjman No Threat : LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (The New York Times, October 2, 1996)

Regarding "The Biggest Threat to Bosnia Isn't the Serbs" (Opinion, Sept. 23) by Jim Hoagland:

Mr. Hoagland's piece about Croatia and its president, Franjo Tudjman, lacks substance. What evidence does he provide to back up the assertion by an anonymous former American diplomat that Mr. Tudjman is "the most dangerous person for Bosnia's future"? None.

Croatia has played a crucial role in Bosnia's Muslim-Croat federation, and it continues to abide by all of the Dayton agreement's provisions. It may also be worth recalling that at one point in the Bosnian drama, Croatia was housing more than 150,000 Bosnian Muslim refugees.

The New York Times